EXO: Omega Centauri (1/?) - Fight or Flight Response Sequel

Looking for Mod: KrisYeol Edition

Wanted: New Mod!

Hello, this is your mod quirknblurb

Ahem. Firstly, I’d like to apologize for how crappy I am as a mod to our beloved community, krisyeol. Busy noona is busy, my apologies for that *deep bow

Two, as you are all aware, it’s kind of saddening to see how dead the place is right now. I believe this is mainly my fault, for being unable to always be here as a mod. Therefore we have decided to hire one or two new mods to properly maintain the community.

If you love Kris and Chanyeol, you are more than welcome to apply. The community itself is not that big and well, is kind of dead right now. So we are in need for individual who’s passionate in loving this beloved Dragon-Phoenix OTP, and yet has enough maturity to step up when the needs arise. You don’t have to be a writer or fanartist, you just have to love KrisYeol and be clear headed enough to stop obvious trolling, avoid shipwars, and most importantly have enough time and enthusiasm to promote the community and organizing activities like meta discussion, fanworks exchange etc.

So if you are interested to be a mod or if you want to nominate someone, please drop me a pm along with link for your respective (or your nominee's) tumblr / LJ and we can talk! I won’t bite, I promise!

The last but not least, the reason this community is made is to provide a space for KrisYeol shippers to talk and discuss and share our love for the two tall rappers of EXO. That’s why it doesn’t matter if you ship them or not, as long as you love Kris and Chanyeol, feel free to join and post anything!

cleomoon, if you see this and you’re not okay with this, feel free let me know ^^

Still hesitant? Here, have some Kris to encourage you ^^


Duizhang Drabble Party

What is KrisYeol without Krease?

What is EXO without Duizhang?

Happy Birthday Kevin Li / Wu Yi Fan / Li Jiaheng / Kris Wu / The Boy With Hipster Glasses / Alpaca Daddy

And of course, the one half of beloved KrisYeol OTP

May Chanyeol gives you lots of kisses hugs forced snuggling happiness for the day

gifs credit to ixings@tumblr

and because we love you so much, here's our first drabble party dedicated to you ^^Collapse )