Hundred of Years Waiting For You

Title: Hundred of Years Waiting for you
Pairings: Kris x Chanyeol
Genre: Romance, drama, fantasy and angst
Rating: R
Length: Chaptered
Disclaimer: I don't own them but I own the plot

Chapter 1

He was left devastated – a great pain ravaged his undying heart. It was almost hundred of years since the last time he saw his love and until now, he was still waiting for him under the beautiful moon and the dark forest that is filled with secrecy and mystery of unknown creatures.

"I promise to you that I will come back and love you for eternity."

one hundred and five years...and yet i'm still here, waiting for you to come back.

The scent of his love filled his nostril, ears perked at the sudden intrusion of the familiar smell of his lover. His heart beats in an abnormal way, eyes shown nothing but yearning.

His mouth formed into a dark smile. “He’s back.”

The wind blew his words towards the north, trailing its husky voice through a fragile boy – standing outside the village, staring at the moon as the wind trailed the cold message through his body.

“You are mine.”